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We are open for classroom training with strict Covid-19 Level 1 protocols in place.

Create interactive and intelligent websites. Online applications are both easy to program and fast to implement. Discover the satisfaction of writing web based computer programs

Course Who Should Attend Prerequisites Duration

The HTML course is a must for web designers and web developers. It will be an important foundation for anyone maintaining or creating websites.

Basic Computer Literacy.

3 Days
Web Developer Computer Literacy 14 Days
Cybertec Introduction To Machine Learning

This course is intended for technical analysts or mid-level managers who are willing to do their first steps in Machine Learning.

Analysts/technical managers with at least 1 year of programming experience (Ideally, also experience in Python)

Cybertec PostgreSQL Professional

Database administrators


The PHP course targets Programmers and Developers who would like to gain the knowledge in developing dynamic webpages.

HTML and basic programming skills.

5 Days
Advanced Web Application Programming Programmers System Analysts Web developers HTML Course
Javascript Course
PHP Course
SQL Course
3 Days

Programmers and IT professionals

Some previous programming experience required

5 Days
Programming with C#

Programmers and IT professionals

  • Some previous programming experience required. 
  • Our Intro to Programming or JavaScriptCourse is recommended.
  • Some SQL knowledge will also be helpful
3 Days

The JavaScript course targets Programmers and Developers who would like to gain the knowledge of developing Web based applications.

HTML Training course or equivalent knowledge.

5 Days
Negotiating Skills for Consultative Selling



2 Days
Python for Engineers and Scientists

Scientists, Engineers, data scientists.

Python programming

2 Days
Advanced Python

Programmers with knowledge of python.


Python Programming Course or equivalent experience


2 Days
Angular Beginner Course

Front end developers, web user interface designers, web application developers.

JavaScript Online or Full JavaScript Course

2 Days
Angular Bootcamp

Front end developers, web user interface designers and web application developers who find JavaScript inadequate to develop a rich, fully-fledged front-end. This Angular Training Course starts with the MVC pattern and the many benefits that can be gained from separating your logic and presentation of code. We then start from the nuts-and-bolts and building up to the most advanced and sophisticated features Angular. &

JavaScript Online or Full JavaScript Course

5 Days MVC

Present and aspiring: Programmers, Wed designers and developers

  • Thorough knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.
  • C#


2 Days

Web designers, Web developers, Application developers.


1 Day
Front End Web Developer

Any person who would like to start a career in web development and those who are currently responsible in website development

Computer Literacy

5 Days
Git Web and Application Developers needing version control for their code as well as for teams of developers needing to collaborate on projects. Basic computer skills Some knowledge of working on the command line will be beneficial 1 day
Introduction to Programming

All aspiring programmers and anyone who would like to progress to our normal Python Course, but who has never coded before.

  • Basic desktop computer literacy
  • English profficiency at Grade 12 level
  • Reasonable typing speed and ability (typing with at least two fingers or more)
3 Days
Introduction to Programming Using Groovy Aspiring programmers. Especially Those interested in Java Computer literacy Reasonable typing (that is two fingers or more) 3 Days
Java Enterprise Edition Java Developers The Standard Java course. That is the basic principles and structure of the Java programming language. HTML is a must, XML and advantage. 4 Days
Javascript Online

The JavaScript course targets Programmers and Developers who would like to gain the knowledge of developing Web based applications.

HTML Knowledge and access to internet.

24 Hours
Laravel Bootcamp Good knowledge of PHP. 4 days
Laravel Intermediate

PHP developers with basic Laravel experience.

A good knowledge of PHP, Laravel Introduction course.

2 days
Laravel Introduction PHP developers looking for a MVC framework to speed up their development A good understanding of PHP and classes 2 days
Microsoft Power BI Boot Camp

It is intended for use by non-IT staff, including both Line and Senior Managers, Personal Assistants, Business Analysts, BI Specialists, and Knowledge Workers

No prior experience with Power BI or other BI tools is required, some experience with excel is desirable but not mandatory.

If you don't have admin rights on your computer please request your IT department to pre-install Power BI Desktop from

3 day
Microsoft PowerBI Dashboard User Course

This is a bespoke course for specific audiences and is therefore not on our public schedule. This course needs to be customised to the unique settings of a business and will, therefore, be quoted on separately. The possible audience includes the executive team, their personal assistants, divisional heads, line managers, as well as personnel who need to receive alerts on changes in data.

Delegates must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, and either Microsoft Edge, Microsoft IE, or Google Chrome. Delegates should be able to use one of the Microsoft Office applications on a basic level. Delegates should have some experience in doing reporting. 

1 day

Anyone wanting to create eLearning material easily or upload content into a Learner Management System. Instructional Designers, Trainers, eLearning Technologists, school teachers and anyone in primary, secondary, tertiary or adult education who needs an easy to use learner platform.

Basic computer skills essential and access to the Internet to practice. Some experience in teaching or training is a bonus.

1 Day

Programmers, UNIX/Linux System administrators and coders who want to learn to code with Python

It is essential that you have had recent basic programming experience in any programming language (ie not just 10 years ago while at College and nothing since).  

If you don't, you must first complete our Introduction to Programming Course. This course will help you prepare for the Python Course.

5 Days
Ruby Programmers, UNIX/Linux System administrators. General programming background. 5 Days
Perl Fundamentals Web programmers, System Administrators, Database admins. Must be a highly proficient computer user, with either a strong aptitude for programming, or some sort of programming experience. 5 Days
XML Web Designers/Developers, Java Enterprise Edition and Dot Net programers, Users of tools that perform document translation like Microsoft Biztalk. HTML. 2 Days
XML Web Services

Web Designers/Developers, Java Enterprise Edition and Dot Net programers, Users of tools that perform document translation like Microsoft Biztalk.


2 Days
Java Bootcamp If you enjoy computers, solving problems, or just building things that are really cool, Java is for you.
  • Matric with IT Programming or our Intro to Programming course (There is an entry test on for this course)
  • Please note: While a good math pass is recommended, the combined requirements determine acceptance to the course. We encourage candidates to prove themselves by completing an aptitude test (R350) or do the Intro to Programming Course and attend a personal interview with us.
6 Months