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Presentations Skills




Without a dynamic and coherent presentation, even stellar ideas can fail to convince your audience.

Methods for planning and preparing presentations are introduced. The different parts of a presentation are identified. Tools for enhancing presentations are identified. Participants prepare and deliver a presentation using the techniques and tools introduced.

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Delivery Method Duration Price (excl. VAT)
Fulltime 1 Day R 2,299.00
Webinar 1 Day R 1,849.00

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This course is designed for individuals who need to present information effectively in a professional environment.



Course Outline / Curriculum

  • State Management
    • This section will look at key stressors that affect social engagements and how to manage our responses to them. We will use the BICEP model to understand our fears in a presentation.
  • Improvisation
    • In this section, students will learn how to anticipate their presentation scenarios in order to prepare accordingly and manage their nerves. More importantly, they will learn to prepare themselves for the unexpected.
  • Understanding Nervousness
    • Nervousness is a chief complaint for many presenters. We will look at how to use nerves to our advantage and overcome stage fright.
  • Positive Self-Talk
    • Our inner monologue is a powerful ally or a dangerous enemy. We will look at how we can keep our thoughts on our side, keep them useful and keep them positive.
  • Body Language
    • We will examine how to interpret and communicate body language by understanding the relationship between the emotional and the physical. We will also learn how to boost confidence through power poses.
  • Your Speaking Voice
    • The ability to project, enunciate and create pleasant vocals is a trainable skill. We will look at techniques to practice towards a professional standard.
  • Emphases
    • Everyone has had to endure a monotonous speaker at some point. We will look at how to use the five forms of emphases to avoid becoming one.
  • Organisation
    • We will look at some ways in which we can organise our content so that it is engaging and memorable.
  • Add Punch to Your Presentation
    • Effective slides are a key tool for any presenter. We will look at some key rules for making sure we avoid “death by powerpoint” and create exciting visuals.
  • Your Presentation
    • As well as smaller presentations during the course of the workshop, the participants will have a chance to employ their new skills in a final presentation.

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Wed 9 Jun 2021 Wed 9 Jun 2021 Woodmead Provisional
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