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COVID-19 Lockdown

Leading Training is online and available during the Covid-19 Shutdown.

Our staff are working from home and can do the following:

  • Webinar training and e-learning
  • Consulting
  • Development work
  • Support

We can provide remote assistance to anyone who needs it, however as an IT support company we are willing to provide emergency support to companies that are essential service providers.

If you require any help from us please make use of the live chat below.

Merieux NutriSciences
"excellent facilitator, knows the subject, very professional context was explained clearly. accredited service provider"

Clarins SA
"Enjoyable interactive 3 days with life skills learned.Food excellent! Coffee great! Effective."

"Nick was an amazing trainer, kind, helpful, great teacher! Food was delicious and staff very friendly and welcoming. The receptionist was exceptionally friendly and greeted me by name with a huge smile every time she saw me."

Department of Energy
"Excellent presentation and training from the trainer. Keep up the good work sir."

John Deere (Pty) Ltd Boksburg
"I was familiar with the content presented only because I currently run our company social media pages. It was an excellent refresher with added value. Thank you."

Clarins SA
"I enjoyed the training with Kirstin as she uses real example and makes it easy to remember theoretical parts."

"Every person i came across was friendly. The trainer knows python very well which made him to excel when teaching the python."

Council for Geoscience
"The staff at Leading Edge is very professional and the teaching facilities are appropriate. Basically the environment is good for learning."

John Deere (Pty) Ltd Boksburg
"Have attended a previous 1 day course. Trainer was excellent, well spoken and holds interest, enjoyed the humor."

Bombela Operating Company (Pty) Ltd
"Skilled and well trained facilitator with good people skills. Thank you for the follow-up training after the first training that did not go well. Your effort is appreciated."

IIE Varsity College
"The trainers knowledge on the material is vastly extensive yet he can simply the information in such a way that it's easily understandable to someone with little to no knowledge on the course. The staff were polite at all times and the service was phenomenal. Lawrence is an amazing trainer!"

Fourier IT Innovation
"They provide tech that is relevant hence I would choose Leading Training."

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre
"I believe everyone has a management portion of work that they do, and most definitely Chris opened many part in the brain around HR AND MANAGEMENT."

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre
"I thoroughly enjoyed the training especially and how interactive the sessions were. My interest was always maintained and I received advice and training that is practically applicable in my environment."

"I liked the way the instructor conduct himself and how he is patient with the students. I also like the way he interacts and explain concepts. IT was not chosen by me but I will definitely recommend it."

Standard Bank
"I've learnt a lot of new things in 3 days , definitely worth it , i mean i knew PowerBI was powerful but didn't know it was this powerful, thank you"

Fourier IT Innovation
"I chose this particular training in order to up-skill myself and relevancy in the market. I liked my trainer, he is very knowledgeable and very patient while teaching us."

"the course content was satisfactory, the teacher was excellent in many ways."

Bombela Operating Company (Pty) Ltd
"Friendliness of the staff (everyone). Professionalism from the staff. Customer focus. The training pack a punch get to the point. The trainers are well conversant with the subject matter."

"Excellent service from the very first sales query Training well presented, both trainers knowledgeable and supported individual needs"

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre
"Highly skilled facilitator. Objective were met, exceeded in most part."

Tshireletso Multi Skills and Training
"Beautiful offices , very friendly staff and an awesome trainer that is Chris"

Lesotho Electricity Company
"You guys are excellent!"

"Each participant or learners needs are attended to."

Macmillan Education South Africa
"Very welcoming environment Good food Consideration of people who come to training"

RS Components SA
"The staff (Masego) is friendly and welcoming. Chris was an excellent Trainer."

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre
"-Very informative. -Mind opening about Leadership. -Learn how to lead with a different approach. -Wide prospective in how to manage."

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre
"Presenter were informed."

Clicks retails
"The staff here they are very friendly and welcoming."

"Great training, i have been to many other training centers and this is by far the best."

"I had basic knowledge about Python before and I now understand Python much better. I can do significantly more. The training has helped me to know how to approach the machine learning part of my work is a constructive manner."

Council of Geoscience
"Mark Badham is indeed a walking python, he knows his stuff which makes us the students fall in love with python as a programming tool."

RS Components
"The environment, the place is neat and clean. Staff very friendly, especially the receptionist."

Lesotho Electricity Company
"Well good. Leading Training is better for us because it offers what is relevant to our job."

Clarins SA
"Interaction and engagement."